John Ransom

The revelations are stunning.

The proof is clear.

People should have known; people should have done something.

It was clear even before the Democrats rolled out their newest experiment in social engineering that it would fail.

Poor in conception, flawed by design, the expectations were too high, experience too low.

Yet still they elected him, with a grand assist by the media: first, nominee of the Democrat Party and then, ultimately, president of the United States.


And that after spending nearly two billion dollars to do it.

For that kind of money, even the government could build a fully functional website, or something.

And now that finally someone is noticing his failures it just goes to show how far wishful thinking can take a country.

Not far.

Here’s a list of some failures, but by no means a comprehensive list of failure- failures that which any one of would have shamed other men:

    1) Stimulus Spending- Failed

    2) DOE Energy Grants and Loans- Failed

    3) Banking Bailout- Failed

    4) Energy Policy- Failed

    5) Budget- Failed

    6) Deficit- Failed

    7) Immigration- Failed

    8) Economy- Failed

    9) Middle East- Failed

    10) Russia- Failed

    11) China- Failed

    12) Credit Rating- Failed

    13) NSA- Failed

    14) IRS- Failed

    15) Sequester- Failed

    16) Shutdown- Failed

    17) Benghazi- Failed

    18) Fast and Furious- Failed

    19) Obamacare- Failed

And this is just counting times when his policy failed versus the policies that one could label just plain dumb or weird, like Syria, the war on coal, his pandering to atheists, Occupy, gun haters and the Elizabeth Warren Wing of the Progressive Party.

Yet Obama goes on smilingly, like a drunk at a party who says inappropriate things, says them too loudly and leans so close that you can smell his breathe stink.

This is all their fault.

“Them” being the media.

But yet we continue to fund the media knowing that fundamentally they have nothing but contempt, scorn and disrespect for us.

John Ransom

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