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TeaPartysucks wrote: First, referring to anything associate with President Obama as "Barry" exposes the writer's racism and prejudice. Secondly, blame the Republicans for the shutdown! THEY are the ones who are blocking access to monuments and memorials! They're such liars! They have no shame! They're like children throwing rocks, breaking a window and then pointing at the innocent kid standing nearby and saying, "He did it!"Civil Disobedience Starts as Citizens Storm Barrycades

Dear Comrade Sucks,

Why would my using the name that Obama used himself for years expose anything other than the fact that for whatever reason Barry changed his name a few times?

Liberal cries of racist! racist! would have much more impact if you used them when racism was actually involved.

Or are you also accusing Obama of racism because he went by the name Barry?

That would seem odd to me, but if there is one thing that liberals do best, it’s odd.

Liberals often miss the point in these debates because they are so focused on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, guns and orthography that they can’t see anything else.

This is due to either deliberate deception on their part or a previously identified brain disorder effecting liberals that was identified in this column last week.

For example, it’s been well-documented that someone registered to vote in Washington, D.C. under the name Mr. Barry Soetoro at the White House address of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C. 20500.

If you are a liberal, this spoof is more proof that conservatives are spiteful racists who wish to remind the president of his somewhat obscure past.

John Ransom

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