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Mikey wrote: I wrote earlier about Ransom’s hypocrisy and have not yet had a good response. When he first wrote this recycled piece (April 2012) I asked him why he did not also condemn the person who stole the emails from the East Anglia. As the NYT link shows, there was condemnation of Gleick's action from those on all sides of the political spectrum.- Caught Red-Handed on Climate Change

Dear Comrade Mikey,

Why not admit that instead of Gleick making a "serious ethical error," that he committed a crime? Stealing is always wrong.

The irony is that you ask me to condemn both sides, which I do, saying stealing is always wrong. And then you try to let your guy off by sending me a link which you say proves that Glieck didn’t commit a crime. Call it what you want, but what Glieck did was wrong. 

Who’s the hypocrite, Mikey? Or are you just confused like the time you wrote to my publisher and accused me of the made-up liberal crime of “self-plagiarism” because you didn’t like that I re-published a piece under a different headline?

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The link you sent me to the Columbia Journalism Review, by the way, basically was unable to come to any conclusion as to whether Glieck might be convicted of a crime if he were a journalist. And, incidentally, he’s not a journalist; he supposedly an “ethical” scientist. 

About the best Columbia could say was that a jury might acquit him. The same could be said about how the law applied to OJ Simpson. That doesn’t mean OJ didn’t commit a crime however.

John Ransom

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