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Flaming Multiculturalist wrote: Mr Ransom, Who is Sabu? I creatively infer that he may be a govt informant who got Hammond arrested, and who later got arrested himself. But surly you can spend a few sentences on the relevant background facts, can't you?- Hacktivist's Mom Has a Few Questions for Anonymous- Part 2

Dear Comrade Flaming,

You can creatively infer whatever you want, and you can do it with creative spelling too, but apparently, like most liberals, you’re too darn lazy to conduct a simple Google search of “Sabu, Anonymous.”

Had you done a search, Google would have returned 1,390,000 results in 0.24 seconds. You then would have had 1.4 million news articles and web sites and Twitter accounts, all at your disposal to explain exactly who and what Sabu is.

But no.

You chose the liberal method of getting things done- asking me to do the work that you could have more easily done for yourself. You spent more time typing out your comment than it would have taken you to execute a Google search. And then there is the time and research that I have to put into writing a reply.

This is a typical example of the inefficient wealth distribution model that liberals like you advocate. You want the benefits of being curious, but none of the work that it takes to actually be curious.

Instead you want me to give you a portion of the curiosity that I work at.

It’s always liberals who ask for commonly available citations, quotes and research in order to act like they don’t understand. You know, if you did the research work yourself you’d probably end up being conservative.      

John Ransom

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