John Ransom

Lon wrote: The most striking thing about this column, and the comments that follow it, is the degree to which they highlight the lie that what differentiates the right and left is how much government they want. Ransom is outraged that a town is not telling a business where they can and cannot locate. (Oddly he is actually outraged at a nearby city that a town is not telling a business where it can locate, but he tends to have a special level of incoherence). Very few of the conservatives below even blink at the idea that government should interfere with private property rights. Apparently property rights aren't so important to them after all when it is not a matter of helping the poor (which apparently contradicts an absolute property right).- in response to Catholic Nuns Fight Strip Club and City Hall

Dear Comrade Lon,

I’m incoherent? I had to read your comments a dozen times to figure out what your point is and I’m still not positive what you are arguing.

But here goes:

I don’t know how the column differentiates the amount of government either the right or the left is willing to accept. I personally think that normal zoning laws should be sufficient to keep a strip club separated from a convent. Zoning laws have been around for a long time. I’m not arguing that property owners should have the unfettered right to build a nuclear power plant, for example, next to your house. You seem to be arguing that they should be allowed to build one.

But even more, my argument is that liberal haste to build a society free from the influence of the Christian religion has taken us to the point where we don’t even know what’s in our best interest.

I think it’s in everyone’s best interest that the convent stay where it is and the strip club find somewhere else to locate.

John Ransom

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