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Dear Santa,

Would you please add some of the following people to the naughty list, with the exception of RG, H2O, Timeline, Saepe and ZN?  The naughty ones want to regulate frankincense under Cap and Tax, mryyh as a drug under the FDA and gold under the Federal Reserve Bank. Oh, and if you give the naughty ones a lump of PBR coal to help fuel their Chevy Volts that would be really hilarious.

Art Vandelay wrote: What's the difference between American military veterans and former military veterans of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in terms of receiving health care?- in response to Obama’s Top Boners of 2011

Dear Art-

The main difference is that American military veterans live much longer lives than those in the former Soviet Socialist Republics. The average lifespan of males in Russia is starting to increase, but “average life-expectancy fell steadily between 1965 and 1980, but the statistic has followed a roller-coaster path in the last twenty years. Average life expectancy rose in the mid 1980s, fluctuated through the 1990s, and has remained relatively stable over the last few years,” according to a 2003 article in the St Petersburg Times.

After bottoming out at 56 years, life expectancy for males is back up to 63 years old in Russia, while in the US it’s 77. Not every veteran of the US military gets healthcare. You have to stay in for 20 years and retire to qualify for that benefit, or you have to be awarded the benefit due to wounds or injuries. 

I don’t know exactly what your point would be, Sybil, but then I rarely know what your point is- no matter what name you go by.

XJ wrote: The trick is this: If you don't throw a bone every once in a while, then you're the boy who cried wolf -- you have zero cred. as a journalist because you whine about EVERYTHING Obama does so no one will believe you're telling the truth or that you have any objectivity. - in response to Obama’s Top Boners of 2011

Dear XJ,

Yes. I’m sure you know a lot about journalism. That’s where the problem comes in.

I consider myself a writer, not a journalist. As such, I run a business here. My business is to inform and entertain our readers so that they come back to the site. By that measure we’ve been pretty successful. Every month since the re-launch of Townhall Finance, we’ve added subscribers and readers. December is on track to be the best month we’ve had so far.

John Ransom

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