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Saying that there is little difference between George Bush and Barack Obama, the Occupy Anything, Everything movement staked ground in front of President Obama’s Iowa campaign headquarters, promising that they will commit acts of civil disobedience for the Iowa caucuses in order to protest Obama’s military and business policies.

“We ask that number one they cut the U.S. military budget in half and number two he [Obama] dismantle the U.S. military empire,” Occupier Jessica Reznicek told ABC News. “When we arrived yesterday the business was shut down and nobody was in there and we made a vow to occupy until our demands were addressed, so here we stand.”

The Obama campaign so far has no official comment- apparently they were voting “not present” by locking the doors and hiding inside, a tactic Democrat officeholders often use with constituents - but the development should be worrisome for a president already under pressure to move to the middle.

Even in Obama’s Illinois, a resolution in support of the Occupiers was voted down recently 58-37 with 15 legislators voting present.

ABCNews blog continues:

Joseph Glazebrook, an attorney for several of the protesters, said that although he was an Obama supporter last cycle, they chose to camp out at the president’s re-election headquarters instead of one of the GOP candidates because “if we only focus on one part of the problem we are never going to change anything. We have to focus on the whole problem, which includes the president.”

While there was some talk in 2008 of a Recreate ’68 movement embarrassing Obama during the Democrat National Convention in Denver with mass protests ala Chicago 1968, the threat never materialized. Protestors were active, but relatively well-behaved.

Ok, yeah: The Denver Post reported that the police in Denver did end up seizing a stockpile of urine and feces that protestors intended to use as weapons of mass, um …obstruction?

Presumably by now the Occupiers have completed courses in advanced urine and feces deployment via Zuccotti Park, LA and Oakland. Photographs from the camps at least indicate something was going on there involving human waste.

John Ransom

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