John Ransom

OK, so this week we learned that you must never, ever, criticize the job Obama’s doing with the economy.

Don’t you know that he inherited the largest, most productive economy in the history of the world? An economy that’s been growing substantially for the last thirty years?

It takes a long time for an economy like that to see a return on investment when you get to spend more money in two years than all the other presidential administrations combined. Can’t you at least be grateful for the budget deficit?

You bunch of whiners.

Don’t make Obama turn this economy around.

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Brad wrote: I say increase tax rates. Over 1 million in income it should be 40% [in taxes], over 5 million in income it should be 50%, over 10 million it should be 70% and over 100 million make it 90%. Let's get rid all the tax scams especially the charitable remainder trusts and all the charities people have to save on taxes and hire friends and families.- in response to my column Tax Cut Talk Shows Obama Desperation

Dear Brad,

You’ve cut to the argument that’s really at the center of the debate.

Liberals have no respect for private property. That’s why some conservatives call you guys fascists and communists. You think just because someone is successful that they owe that success to the rest of the country, rather than their own efforts.

Conservatives start out with the assumption, correctly, that private property is sacrosanct.

Private property starts with ownership of the fruits of our labor. Anything less than being able to retain the whole of our property is slavery.

We fought a civil war over the simple proposition that a man can not be legally deprived of the fruits of their labor. 

You, me, everyone is entitled to the entire fruits of their labor, even if we may grant the government some portion of our property to safeguard the rest. Yes, we all voluntarily band together to create a government to protect these rights in property. And yes, in order to accomplish this, we pay taxes.

But when governments start to trample on those rights and assume that the money is theirs to begin with, that’s a tyranny.  

Go back and read what the Founders have to say about it.        


John Ransom

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