John Hawkins

It's frustrating enough that the Republican Party shoots itself in the foot over and over again, but it's particularly aggravating that the ones who do it always seem to think of themselves as the smartest people in the room. Well, if they're so smart and know what we have to do "to win," then why is it that they do so many selfish and stupid things? Even if you set ideology completely aside, how much sense does it make for Republicans to make elementary mistakes like...

1) Join "gangs" to help Democrats achieve THEIR policy goals: Do you ever notice that Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, and Harry Reid don't ever join any "gangs" of Republicans that are trying to undermine Democrat policies? You're never going to see a "Gang of 8" or "Gang of 12" that's trying to help pro-lifers or defend the 2nd Amendment. So how much sense does it make for Republicans to join "gangs" of Democrats when the only question is how badly conservatives are going to lose out

2) You don't bend over backwards to help the other side: Hey, Chris Christie, when your state is hit by a hurricane near the close of a presidential election, you don't do everything humanly possible to make Barack Obama look good at the expense of Mitt Romney. When there's a shutdown fight, Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Peter King shouldn't be publicly telling the world that the Republican Party is at fault. When that sort of open sabotage is rewarded, it pumps rat poison into the veins of the GOP.

3) Republican politicians shouldn't trash the grassroots: There's not a Republican politician alive who should have a single negative thing to say about the Tea Party, big conservative groups, or conservative radio talk show hosts. Politicians can state their own position on an issue or politely distance themselves from controversial comments, but a politician shouldn't trash a person or group who's important to the party unless he or it is DEAD TO THAT POL AND THE GOP. If they matter, then mind your manners or expect to get figuratively slapped in the mouth until you do.

John Hawkins

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