John Hawkins
1) Everyone Offended By Everything: Because we treat the fact that there is someone somewhere who's offended by something as if it's significant, people now say they are offended by everything. There are people who are easily offended, people who get offended on behalf of other people, and even people who make a living being offended. Everyone is incessantly kvetching about EVERYTHING except....

2) The Majority That’s Not Being Allowed To Be Offended: We bend over so far in our society to be fair to minority groups, that we've gotten into a position where the minority regularly oppresses the majority. Eighty percent of people may want a cross somewhere and twenty percent may not care, but some belligerent atheist complains and it has to go. Barack Obama may be President, but white people still aren't supposed to criticize him because he's black. Why should white people and Christians be held to a different standard than everyone else in our entire culture just because there are more of us?

3) Not Wanting To Hurt The Little Dear's Self Esteem: Our public school system's obsession with building up self esteem has not only managed to decrease the quality of education, it has created a generation of swaggering dunces who are shocked and aggrieved if anyone suggests their crap stinks just like everyone else's does.

4) The Celebration Of Victimhood: When did we move all the way from pitying victims and showing them a little kindness to treating victimhood as some sort of exalted status? Someone called you a "slut?" Well, let's give you a speaking slot at the Democrat National Convention. You're part of a group we see as victims? Well then, anyone who criticizes you must be an awful person! There's nothing noble or praiseworthy about being a victim. Victims may not deserve to have sand kicked in their faces by bullies, but they don't deserve to be treated like heroes either.

5) An Entitlement Mentality: We've gotten to the point in our society that "I earned it" basically means, "I exist; so that should be given to me" to a lot of Americans. The only thing you're entitled to is "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" and anything on top of that is cream that you have to earn, buy, or work to get.

6) Cell Phone Obsession: The world will not end if you don't check your text messages during dinner and it's rude to have a loud, one sided conversation with someone on your cell phone when other people are around. Also, people who check their cell phones in dark movie theaters deserve to have their phones cooked in the popcorn machine until they explode.

John Hawkins

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