John Hawkins

While Barack Obama is enjoying extravagant parties with Hollywood celebrities and taking opulent vacations, America's middle class is being decimated by his policies. Certainly Obama deserves to be condemned for the Nixonian corruption and Carteresque incompetence of his administration, but what Obama is doing to middle class Americans is just as despicable. He's slowly, but surely squeezing them into oblivion. Sadly, many Democrats are fine with this because they've calculated that a poor voter or better yet in their eyes, a voter dependent on welfare and food stamps, is more likely to support them than a voter in the middle class. Whatever happened to having a government that tries to make it easier for people in the middle class as opposed to putting policies like these in place?

1) Higher Energy Costs: When Barack Obama was running for office, he said, "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” Obama seems to have few qualms about lying to the American people when it benefits him, but that is one campaign promise he's working very hard to fulfill. He blocked drilling in ANWR, dramatically slowed offshore drilling and he's blocked the keystone pipeline, which would bring cheap Canadian oil to America. So, when your eyes get big because of how much you have to pay to fill up your car, make sure to say, "Thank you, Obama."

Of course, Obama's also working around Congress to put new regulations on coal and emissions in place that may raise the cost of your energy bills by as much as 60%. So, if your energy bill seems higher this summer, make sure to thank Obama because he's helping to make that happen.

John Hawkins

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