John Hawkins

1) Starting in the sixties there was an explosion of children born out-of-wedlock and kids who don't grow up in two parent families fare more poorly percentage wise on just about any and every scale imaginable including substance abuse, teenage pregnancies, suicide rates, criminality and homelessness.

2) Many people are becoming so childlike in their dependence on the government that they can't save for their own retirement, escape from an oncoming hurricane, or even purchase their own birth control without the government handling it for them.

3) Our legal system encourages frivolous lawsuits, is punitively expensive and because of the political inclinations of the judges, can often be almost random.

4) Leeching off more productive people has become much more acceptable. To many people, taking welfare, food stamps, free lunches and anything else they can get the government to force someone else to pay for isn't shameful; it's deserved, presumably because they're doing everyone else in the country such a wonderful favor just by existing.

5) The mainstream media has become so partisan for the Democratic Party that it's not significantly different from a state-run media. Every news story and scandal is reported differently based solely on which party is involved. "Scandals" that would destroy the careers of Republicans are largely ignored and treated as irrelevant when Democrats are involved.

6) Americans have lost confidence in our institutions. Most Americans don't trust our politicians, our criminal justice system, big business, our schools, our media or our churches.

7) As choices have proliferated because of the Internet, TV, and our affluent culture, Americans have become more alien to each other and share less and less cultural experiences. Today, two Americans may live in the same small community without ever talking, watching the same TV shows, listening to the same radio programs, or getting news from the same sources.

8) Our movies, music, and TV shows are provided by people who are almost universally hostile to conservatism, Christianity, and traditional American values.

John Hawkins

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