John Hawkins

Liberals care about the poor: Almost every program the Left supports to "help" the poor in this country is surreptitiously designed to de-motivate them and keep them dependent on the government. The Left saps their will to work with welfare and food stamps, the Left reduces their income and puts them out of jobs by encouraging illegal aliens to enter the country, and the Left fights voucher programs that would allow poverty-stricken students to go to the same schools as the rich Americans. Liberals incessantly ramble on about how much they care about the poor -- and they do, the same way a Venus Flytrap cares about a random bug that happens to fly into its maw.

Liberals care about education: Actually, educating our kids comes last to the Left -- behind indoctrinating students and supporting their political allies in the teachers’ unions. This is why the Left has supported laughable nonsense like teaching Ebonics and bilingual education programs. It's also why the Left opposes vouchers and even merit pay for good teachers -- because the teachers’ unions don't want the sad sacks in their ranks to look bad by comparison. Liberals love to talk about education, but education in what? Global warming? Gay marriage? Self-esteem exercises -- or reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and history?

Liberals care about Hispanic Americans: It's fascinating to see the ideological ju-jitsu that liberals have managed to do on the illegal immigration issue. They portray themselves as champions of Hispanic Americans because they want to bring in millions of illegal immigrants who depress wages and take jobs disproportionately from Hispanic Americans who are already here. The liberals will tell you they're the best friends Hispanic immigrants have ever had because they believe anyone who manages to sneak across the border should be made into a citizen. Meanwhile, Hispanic immigrants in this country who spent years waiting and spent thousands of dollars in fees to get through a bureaucratic nightmare because they loved and respected this country, are being played for chumps. It's ironic really: liberal support for illegals puts Hispanic Americans out of jobs, takes food off of their families’ tables, and makes a mockery of their willingness to obey our laws -- and then the liberals demand that they be treated like heroes by the same people they're selling out so they can hire gardeners and nannies on the cheap.

John Hawkins

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