John Hawkins

Just consider this to be constructive criticism aimed at idiots who are too dumb to ever take it.

The Prop 8 mob in California: How bizarre is it to see gangs of angry, atheistic, liberal homosexuals in California -- who seem to spend 98% of their free time lecturing everybody else in America about tolerance -- invading churches and getting ordinary people fired for daring to disagree with them? If Christians had been getting the Prop 8 punks fired, we'd have to endure 20 years of Oscar winning movies about the oppression gays in California suffered for their beliefs.

PS: Stop acting like perverts in those public parades, you weirdos.

Celebrities who want to be political: If people really cared about the political opinions of celebrities, next week's Meet the Press would feature Sean Penn, Kanye West, and Ben Affleck.

The "Mac Guy:" Hey, look at me, I'm so trendy and hip! Not like the guy we have representing PCs, who looks like Mitch McConnell. Enjoy my faux cool vibe -- it'll make you feel like you have a happening friend and then you'll buy a Mac!

Reality TV: It seemed harmless enough when the Real World debuted, but once the TV execs figured out it was easier and cheaper to put semi-famous morons on the tube instead of actually doing something creative, these shows were suddenly everywhere. Over time, the producers had to dig deeper and deeper for "talent" -- and I use that word very loosely. Now, "reality TV" means shows like

Real Chance Of Love and Charm School that feature "real people" who would annoy the living hell out of you if you had to be around them for five minutes. Isn't that why the public is watching TV in the first place -- so they can get away from people like that?

Spammers, telemarketers, and junk mailers: They make a living stealing other people's time and they usually peddle garbage. Everybody who works as a spammer, junk mailer, or telemarketer should have their names put on the lists of all the other spammers, junk mailers, and telemarketers in the country so they can get a taste of what they do to everyone else.

Unions: There's something to be said for workers banding together to improve their lot in life, but there's nothing to be said for riding entire companies into the ground because of your out-of-control greed.

John Hawkins

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