James Allen

To many, Father’s Day is either a joyous occasion or a time to mourn, possibly even a time to ignore what the holiday represents. Many believe this holiday is solely connected to our natural fathers, and to only focus on this aspect would not do justice to all the great men in our lives. My father is no longer with me, and I cannot help but want to talk with him again. Such an impossible thing to want, but still that is the way I feel. I also believe that this feeling is justified because I have more questions for him. I am now a father myself, and from what my father taught me, my perspective on life is different. It would be easy to feel robbed of that influence in my life or feel like a victim because we all need our fathers, no matter how old we are. Thankfully, even if your father is gone, or even if you never knew him, you can still celebrate this important holiday.

The reason we can celebrate this holiday, no matter our personal situation, is in the hope that men will take responsibility for their role in society. The lack of virtue, discipline, honesty, willingness, determination, direction, and wisdom is at the root of all of our political and social problems. Men fill a natural role not only in the development of their genetic children but also in the lives of others. Unfortunately, men cannot avoid the impact that they have on others, so when men are negligent, they have a negative impact. Like any other responsibility, this role of personal and professional development is unavoidable and is naturally first to our genetic children but also to others in our lives. In reflecting on this fact, here are areas that I believe are important and will work on in the hope of influencing a new generation in my everyday life.

First, people hate hypocrites, so take ownership of your mistakes, and do not just tell others how to live but show them. This practice of honesty teaches those we father, mentor, or disciple that you are more concerned about honesty and consistency than about pride or appearance.

Second, exercise your natural right as a human being to teach your natural children and others in your life how to think properly. Do not leave education to the government, no matter how busy you might be. Be involved mentally, practically, and emotionally. This applies to everyone in your life that you influence no matter where they go to school; private, public, or in your own home.

James Allen

James Allen is host of the James Allen Show, a political newstalk show that airs on KKNT and AM 970 The Apple.