Hugh Hewitt

Bill O’Reilly tried, about as well as anyone has, to oblige the president to respond to serious questions in a serious way, but of course the president didn’t and simply wouldn’t.

Rejecting the idea that there remain serious issues to be investigated, disclosed and discussed with regards to both Benghazi and the IRS scandals, the president signaled that his stonewalling and the stonewalling of everyone he can control will continue for the balance of his presidency.

If information on these scandals is going to emerge it will have to be via House hearings, whistleblowers and reporters. It would be reassuring if the House had such a schedule of hearings planned, a strategic plan of action posted on a website available to a doubting public, or if Speaker Boehner would finally allow the Special Select Committee to be impaneled that would provide the focus and energy necessary at least to the Benghazi investigation. The president has been very lucky in the lack of coordination among his pursuers. That luck doesn’t look like it is going to change soon.

The three years ahead are without precedent. The president does not intend to engage with the Congress or answer the media’s questions on any subject that doesn’t fit his take on reality. The ongoing collapse of Obamacare is not happening in his world, the IRS did not pursue political enemies despite Lois Lerner’s taking the Fifth, the basic questions about what he and Secretary of State Clinton did and did not know and do after the first attack on 9/11/12 will simply never get answered if he has any say over the thing. Global warming is a problem, not the efficient, rapid development of our vast energy resources. Look here at the burgeoning Medicaid rolls, not there at the premium explosions, doc shock and ruins of various state exchanges. Not a whiff of substance from the fellow, not a bit of seriousness on anything.

So must a prison sentence feel. Nothing much is going to change until the country serves its time for its mistake. Oh, there may be a demand for change come November, but the sentence must be served. A lesson for future generations: Elect an unserious fellow, get an unserious president. And the world knows and reacts accordingly. Israel, especially, look to your own defenses.

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hugh Hewitt's new book is The War On The West.