Hugh Hewitt

Even The New York Times admits (reluctantly) that 2014 is a GOP year.

That could change of course --if Israel attacks Iran and the president strongly backs Israel (much as 1962's election trends and results changed when the Cuban Missile Crisis came and went), or if one or more high profile GOP Senate candidates fall on their faces with stupid remarks or ill-thought through jeremiads which in turn spread to cripple Republican candidates everywhere. I'd like to send Senate candidates in each of the 14 states* wherein GOP nominees could take over a seat currently held by a Democrat a copy of The Happiest Life so they could campaign in the key of common sense.

The scalding that a handful of Republican figures have administered to the party as a whole over the past few years, however, should make everyone more careful with their words, more consultative with their ideas, more open yet careful with the media, and certainly more strategic in their choices. Certainly any of the many would-be 2016 GOP nominees** has to figure out how to campaign and inspire without opening their armor even for a second to the darts of the MSM. (Watch Netflix's "Mitt" to see how disciplined a candidate must be, and even one who is gets zapped by an agenda-driven MSM.) The Speaker and the House senior leadership as well have to get out of their donor-driven, consultant-constructed cocoons and back to talking to real voters, which include veterans and the spouses of active duty military.

The leaders of the party in the House, in other words, have to at least pretend to care what the various segments of that party's base care about and how they react to the House GOP's initiatives. The House GOP leadership has to act rationally, and win elections before they "make tough choices" no one asked them to make now, and which they cannot make except to hurt themselves while helping Democrats, as they did two weeks back in backing the attack on the retirement benefits of the career military.

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hugh Hewitt's new book is The War On The West.