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Political and policy fiasco alert: The GOP Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee is gearing up to waste the House Republican Majority's energy, time and political goodwill on a doomed-to-fail scheme that conservative realists know cannot emerge from Congress. The price of pursuing this strategy will be the loss of many good and necessary initiatives that could get done, initiatives that could unify and energize the voting public behind an expanded GOP House majority in 2014 and gains in the Senate as well. The consequence of this strategic blunder could be the loss of the House majority.

Everybody call Eric Cantor and beg the House GOP Leader to stop this farce from unfolding.

Don't miss Politico's love letter to lame duck Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp this morning, full of secret plans for secret meetings fueled by secret polls on how Michigan Congressman Dave Camp is going to pull the tax reform unicorn out of a secret hat with the help of lame-lame duck Democratic Senator Max Baucus because the apparently indifferent-to-tax-reform country is actually, really-and-truly so interested in unicorn tax reform that Ways & Means cannot be bothered to do tax reform of the sort that could pass -- such as the repeal of the job-destroying Medical Device Tax -- because it Must. Do. Big. Things.

Perhaps Dave Camp missed it, but Max Baucus announced his retirement yesterday because he has become something of a pariah on the Hill, one of the key engineers of the Obamacare "train wreck," as Baucus himself called it. The hard reality of the situation is that that the GOP needs to stay far, far away from Baucus, but that hasn't settled on Camp because, as Politico reveals, Camp has a secret poll:

The poll found that this statement was also supported by upward of 80 percent of respondents: “We need a tax code that protects taxpayers, not special interests, by creating a simpler, fairer code without all the loopholes.”

Wow. What a stunner. Put out a special edition: "Mandate for whatever nonsense Dave Camp wants."

Hugh Hewitt

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