Hugh Hewitt
Republican primary voters have a very strong field of potential opponents for President Obama in November 2012 from which to choose. Three governors with great executive experience –Jon Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney—are certain to make the race and two others, Sarah Palin and Rick Perry are still looking at the contest. A two term senator with deep roots in the conservative movement, Rick Santorum , and a new voice of a new political dynamic, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann bring passion and energized constituencies to the battle. Herman Cain excites new voters and former Speaker Newt Gingrich has an army of virtual activists ready to assist his campaign.

It is a deep field, and the president is on his heels with another round of terrible economic news buffeting his poll ratings which ought to be soaring into the 60 percent approval territory after the killing of bin laden.

But tune into to most network news and cable coverage and all you hear is doom and gloom about the prospects of the GOP prospects.

Mitt Romney is “weak frontrunner” burdened by “Romneycare” which birthed Obamacare. Pawlenty is boring and was for cap and trade. Huntsman is unknown and burdened not just by past support for cap and trade but also by having been Obama’s ambassador to China. Newt has crumbled, Santorum tangled with John McCain on torture and Palin and Bachmann are competing against each other for a small and shrinking slice of the electoral pie.

All of these canards reflect the Manhattan-Beltway media elite’s obsessive need to talk down the Republican Party and its agenda while striving mightily to prop up a failed presidency.

That’s “failed presidency,” not “failing presidency.” The employment cake is already baked for 2012, and the country will still be near or at the 8% unemployment mark --or even higher!-- 18 months from now, and even if home prices stage a modest rebound in the next year they can’t recover to anywhere near 2008 values by the time the votes are cast. The high-flying IPOs are making new billionaires but America’s middle class is staring at flat wages and higher health insurance premiums and the many promises of Obamacare haven’t materialized.

President Obama’s three signature laws—the “stimulus,” Obamacare, and the banking “reform” have all failed to do anything except burden America with an astonishing and dangerous debt that is growing like a lethal malignancy. While the president ordered the killing of bin laden, everything else about his leadership abroad has been feckless, flaccid and full of apologies for American power and purpose. The president’s hostility towards Israel has shocked even his own party’s base voters.

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hugh Hewitt's new book is The War On The West.