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President Obama's sustained push to radically rework American medicine has triggered an enormous backlash among Americans who have come to understand that despite his repeated promises to the contrary, the president's scheme will cause many millions to lose the health insurance they have and see it replaced by the so-called "government option/public plan."

At the same time there is a spreading recognition that the massive "stimulus" package not only didn't work, it worsened the jobs situation in the country by signaling businesses small and large that fiscal irresponsibility on a scale never before imaginable had arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and that the years ahead would be rough. Payrolls have been trimmed drastically as a result, and now the Federal Reserve is predicting sustained and high unemployment. The president's talk of "saving or creating millions of jobs" is just that --talk. The jobs crisis is real and continuing and the Obama Administration has no plan to surge employment.

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This double Democratic whammy on the country's sense of security has launched two grassroots initiatives, the success of which signals that the GOP's grassroots are growing again.

First, the National Center for Policy Analysis launched a petition to stop Obamacare which soared past 700,000 signatures this week, on the way to a million and a huge impact on the United States Senate. (

You can and should add your name here, and encourage all your friends and family to do the same if you and they want to keep your health insurance.) On Thursday's radio show I asked Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona --the GOP's #2 in the upper chamber-- about the effectiveness of such petitions. His response:

HH: All right, let’s talk politics. We’ve been helping the National Center for Policy Analysis get their petition up to a million. Right now, we’re about 667,000 signatures.

JK: That’s incredible. It’s great.

HH: Does that matter? As a Senator…

JK: Absolutely!

HH: Does that matter?

Hugh Hewitt

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