Doug Giles

Evidently Obama the Whiner can’t work his socialistic voodoo if Rush Limbaugh keeps free thinking and running his mouth off. Dammit, Rush, you’re ruining Obama’s ability to cast his spell! Barack’s aversion to Rush reminds me of how my brother never liked using the Ouija board when I was around because my presence always “grieved the spirits.”

Yep, if Limbaugh unleashes his First Amendment rights, the President cannot make manifest his mucked-up machinations he learned as a pup sitting in Saul Alinsky’s literary lap (which means that Obamaland cannot be built). This would be too funny if it wasn’t so pathetically sad and a prophetically bad precursor of the mitigating muzzle Obama would like to strap on the conservative mouth.

In contrast to Obama’s bleat last week, hearken back to days of yore when 43 was in office. Dubya got some “work done,” if I’m not mistaken, and he had everybody and their rabid dog railing against him 24/7 from every conceivable sector of the MSM. Please note: Bush didn’t whine about it and call on the carping clods to cease and desist their vitriol because he couldn’t “kill terrorists if Keith keeps complaining.”

Matter of fact, when GW was attacked the most viciously and the reporters asked what he thought about the rancor, he routinely said that his enemies’ ability to spew their insanity on their ubiquitous, poorly-rated sucky “news” shows is exactly what makes America great, i.e. the freedom to be an ass if you insist. Bush, for all his foibles, played a true cool hand with his critics, laughed when shoes were thrown at him and reveled in this thing that is about to go on the endangered species list in our nation—namely our freedom.

Socialists like Obama, however, cannot work in an environment in which leaders and citizens do not do-si-do when he says so. Geez, the press corps can’t even toss him a question during a meet and greet without Barack getting testy. Therefore, Limbaugh, and all dissenters like him, must bow and kiss the ring or suffer vilification and marginalization for not being “bipartisan and tolerant.”

I would rather bikini wax a sensitive and livid grizzly sow than be a “tolerant bipartisan” toward the bloated government, pro-death, anti-free market, crap on traditional values, socialism squared, nanny state policies Obama has floated in the last few days.

Doug Giles

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