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If you’re looking for unique Christmas gifts for the hunter in your life, then man, oh man, do I have some hunting candy for you. Herewith are two unique gifts that’ll make your hardcore hunting loved one more giddy on Christmas morning than Bill Clinton on the front row of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show without Hillary.

Boddington on Elephant with Ivan Carter

Craig Boddington, noted outdoor writer and TV personality, has just released the most exciting, insane and informative elephant hunting video to ever land on this planet. Boddington on Elephant consists of two DVDs: The first video volley is an unbelievable, raucous romp featuring multiple elephants hunted up close and in your face with powerful Nitro Express double rifles and bolt action elephant guns. I just salivated.

I have two words for this DVD: Cray-Zee. Squirrel hunting this is not. Most professional hunters schlepping this pebble would not put themselves in such a predicament with these earth-moving, man-squashing pachyderms, but Craig and his PH Ivan Carter did. I guarantee your hunting enthusiast will feel a little bit of the excitement Craig and his hunting buddies got saddled with making this bad mamajama.

The second DVD of Boddington on Elephant is the essential soup to nuts of elephant hunting. Topics include: why hunt elephant, elephant conservation, the golden age of elephant hunting, guns and loads for elephant, elephant biology and herd dynamics, elephant behavior and trophy assessment—just to name a few.

Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering, the hunting footage isn’t three hours of grainy Blair Witch, out of focus, unsteady, make-you-wanna-vomit, hideous, all over the map video crap like your Uncle Hooter shot of your husband’s last whitetail hunt. It’s crystal clear, steady Freddy copy that’ll make you drool your drink down your shirt. Major props to the big cojones camera man who did an excellent job with rock solid, over the shoulder, screen-filling scream shots.

One more thing: Even if your hunting loved one will never hunt elephant, this DVD is a one of a kind classic Africa hunting movie that will leave the viewer gobsmacked. This is the real deal, folks, and BOE solidly earns my hunting video rating of NBH: Not Boring as Heck. Check out a sample video clip and purchase copies of the DVD here at

Fear No Death: The Truth about Fear and Being Fearless, by Mark Sullivan

The most controversial contemporary African professional hunter breathing air this century has got to be Mark Sullivan. Mark is famous/infamous for hunting that which can hunt him, namely Africa’s most deadly game, up close and in their face.

Doug Giles

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