Doug Giles

There was no shortage of stupidity in Toledo last week.   The morons were definitely out in full force with the inbred Virginian Snaggle-toothed Nazis taking on the Riotous Could-we-get-more-pathetic-if-we-tried Vandals in a full-fledged moron-match to see which group could look the most dim-witted and despicable.  I’m pretty certain both groups won (or lost) because both parties came out looking like complete idiots.

First of all, what the heck is wrong with the Toledo city official who green lighted a Neo Nazi group’s request to protest in a section of the city comprised mostly of blacks?  Hey, five-watt light bulb permit guy—why not let the sick, Sieg Heils have their HitlerFest in a field way out in the country or at the bottom of a deep lake or anywhere besides in the LaGrange neighborhood,  huh?  Look, I know that these tightly shorn, yet-to-evolve lads have first amendment rights and freedom of speech and blah, blah, blah, but why don’t you help the country a bit and permit their protest where it will cause the least amount of conflict and possible harm to human life and property?  What do think about that idea, Mr. Duh?

Secondly, here’s a big FYI for all you Nazi sympathizers:  I don’t know if you have watched any TV or listened to any radio in the last 60 years, but Nazism is kinda on the skids.  It didn’t come off that well for your founder, and I believe your cause took a major butt-whuppin’ way back in WWII.  Yes, I’m fairly positive that the “good idea” Adolf had ended up not working out so hot for him or for those who bought it.  Did you not get that brief?  Yeah, that’s what happened.  So you might want to put down that tattered and highlighted copy of Mein Kampf and pick up a copy of Marvin Gaye’s song, “What’s Going On?” and realign. 

Thirdly, to the riotous hordes . . .  you’ve got to get a plan B for when natural disasters strike or Nazis demonstrate because your plan A paints you as being sub-human and will, more than likely, eventually get you shot and killed.   Apparently there is growing gaggle of the GP that can be counted on to ransack cities after hurricanes, Nazi protests or following championship games. 

Doug Giles

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