Derek Hunter

At one time, the United States was the “Great Melting Pot,” the only nation on Earth where people from all backgrounds, nationalities, races, sexual orientations, pretty much any configuration of human being you can think of, came together under the banner “American.”

People from every corner of the planet wanted to move here, throw themselves into that pot, become Americans and melt themselves into all the opportunity that word offered. That’s no longer the case. Thanks to the progressives’ “divide and conquer” electoral strategy, the melting pot has been thrown away and replaced with a series of chafing dishes.

People are no longer individuals to be treated based on who they are. They are their skin color, their heritage, their genitals and what they do with them. We have become a nation of hyphenates segregated by political leaders in a cynical attempt to pit us against each other to solidify their grip on power.

This racist and, yes, evil political tactic has been in the works for years, but it has been perfected in the Obama years. Any criticism of President Obama, no matter the source or how valid, is ignored by the progressives in major media or written off as racist.

Don’t like the government seizing control of the health care system? You’re a racist. Remember how some progressives claimed protestors hurled racist slurs at black members of Congress on their way to cast their Obamacare vote? The late, great Andrew Breitbart offered $100,000 to anyone who could offer proof of this. Dozens of people filmed and recorded the members on their way to the Capitol. Yet the reward remains unclaimed.

Still, the charge was made, and the charge stuck – not because it was true, but because the media wanted it to be true. It is still reported as fact by progressive outlets who either can’t prove it themselves or don’t want Breitbart’s money. Tells you all you really need to know.

There are countless examples of “ist,” “ism,” and “phobe” charges leveled against Americans for the crime of non-conformity to the progressive agenda. It’s now to the point there are more unicorns in captivity than Americans who haven’t been charged with some sort of bigotry in the Obama years.

And although Barack Obama generally has been the focal point of these charges, he’s smart enough not to make them himself. He dips his toe in the victimhood pool but no more. If the charges came from him, that would be whining. Besides, he knows they aren’t true.

Illinois congressman Luis Gutierrez has not picked up on these subtleties.

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter is Washington, DC based writer, radio host and political strategist. You can also stalk his thoughts 140 characters at a time on Twitter.