Derek Hunter

Once upon a time, Democrats were concerned with infringements on civil liberties, when the president abusing power was someone they opposed and when the deaths of Americans bothered them. It was a magical time called the 2000s, but it might as well have been a century ago because that party has since gone the way of the Dodo.

OK, Democrats never truly cared about those things in principle, mind you, but they at least paid lip service to the concept in a fairly convincing way.

To Democrats, when George W. Bush was president, he was personally responsible for the actions of soldiers he’d never met in a prison he’d never visited on the other side of the planet. Every job loss was a pink slip signed by him to enrich his Halliburton masters. Now that Barack Obama is president, the people he appointed to cabinet positions not only aren’t responsible for the actions of their subordinates, they aren’t responsible for their own actions.

Attorney General Eric Holder testified before Congress this week about the panoply of scandals surrounding the administration and easily could have been mistaken for Sgt. Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes – he saw nothing, knew nothing, heard nothing. It seemed as though the first thing on his calendar every day was to recuse himself from everything his department was doing, then lock himself in his office and refuse to talk to anyone. Yet, in the face of either corruption or incompetence, President Obama reaffirmed he has “complete confidence” in him with as much rationalization behind it as the White Star Line praising the captain of the Titanic for such a smooth first half of the voyage.

There were some cracks in the media guard, temporary and subjective as they may be. Chris Matthews even took a break from throne-sniffing to express consternation at how President Obama is essentially the Vinnie Barbarino of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, thinking asking “Who? What? Where?” when faced with serious abuses of power by the government’s most feared domestic agency.

Lost on the media is the irony that the very people who have been trying to dismiss the IRS scandal as the work of “misguided mid-level rogues” would be buying out bullhorn supplies to shout their outrage had the parties been reversed. Even now, it seems like this is getting the coverage it has only because the alternative is to do some real follow-up reporting on the Gosnell verdict.

And Benghazi? Forget about it.

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter is Washington, DC based writer, radio host and political strategist. You can also stalk his thoughts 140 characters at a time on Twitter.