Derek Hunter

Well, this is it. Two days till we know who wins. Two days till we know in which direction our country will travel – toward liberty and a constitutionally limited government, or further down the rabbit hole of a new normal where the president does an end zone dance on an uptick in the unemployment rate as if he’d cured cancer. It will be either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.

Personally, I prefer a nation where the president doesn’t sit fecklessly weighing options during a 7-hour attack on Americans overseas and turns a deaf ear to cries for help from people representing him in a hostile land. I choose to vote for leadership that isn’t afraid to stand up and call terrorism what it is, doesn’t want to be loved by our enemies and would never, ever tell heroes to “stand down” in the face of tyranny.

I am going to vote against four more years of an economy where the only drop in the unemployment rate has come because so many of my fellow Americans gave up hope of finding work. I choose a growing economy where risk-takers are rewarded, not punished, and jealously is not fostered from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I reject a government that would sell weapons to drug cartels and not track them. I choose to support a government that doesn’t attempt to wipe the blood of Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata and hundreds of innocent Mexicans off their hands on a bogus claim of “Executive Privilege.”

I care too much about the nation’s future to support a president who would look at almost $6 trillion in new debt over four years and think more spending is the only way to unbury us from this mess. I choose fiscal sanity and a government that realizes it is not the soil in which an economy grows, but the clouds all too often obscuring the sun and hindering that growth – I’m going for clear skies.

I will not support anyone who seeks to “fundamentally transform” the nation that did more to spread liberty and opportunity than any other in world history. I will vote to turn back from the edge of failed philosophies that have produced the greatest suffering and slaughters human beings have ever known.

I refuse to fall in line behind a political party that looks at a woman as nothing more than her genitals, belittling her mind with offers of free birth control as if she’s nothing more than a constantly ovulating subway turnstile. I will support a party that supports an individual’s right of self-determination and doesn’t claim to know anything about a person based upon the position of the toilet seat when they urinate.

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter is Washington, DC based writer, radio host and political strategist. You can also stalk his thoughts 140 characters at a time on Twitter.