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Gay marriage is an issue most Americans simply don’t care about. We have opinions on it, but it simply doesn’t register, especially at a time of high unemployment. But President Obama shoehorned it into the forefront this week because he can’t talk about the economy, jobs, his record, the massive debt he racked up or anything he’s done since assuming office except ordering the raid against bin Laden. And that party was last week, so a new distraction from reality was needed.

To be clear, what the president said means nothing. It won’t change any law anywhere. And the fact that he said it the day after North Carolina voted overwhelmingly to amend its constitution to affirm the definition of “marriage” – and not before when it could have made a difference in at least the size of the margin – exposes this as a political move above all else.

But there was no real ambiguity about where the president stood on this issue. He was for same-sex marriage before he was against it – i.e., before he ran for office. Once he did run, he flip-flopped to opposing it because he sensed this was popular. Now that his fundraising needs aren’t being met, he saw gays as an opportunity and moved. But nothing, absolutely nothing, has changed.

President Obama came out in favor of “states’ rights” on the matter. It seems same-sex marriage is the only issue on which he supports the concept, but that’s because it’s the only way he could come out in “support” of it without having to try to do anything about it. It’s called politics, and his campaign volunteers in the media fell all over themselves to portray it as something ground-breaking. They somehow failed to note former Vice-President Dick Cheney did this three years ago, when it actually was politically dis-advantageous to him.

But since the issue is back in the news, I thought I’d dust off a column I wrote about eight years ago on the subject, updated for today. It was never published (no one would let me publish anything back then), but the concepts in it are the same. It’s why I oppose same-sex marriage, and it has nothing to do with homosexuals. I don’t care what people do with their genitals as long as who they do it with is of age and willing – or if I’m sitting in their lap. And I’m 6-foot-5, so I’m not sitting in many laps these days.

Here it is:

Derek Hunter

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