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My sister is getting married this weekend, so this week’s column will be short. It’ll still be way longer than it should be – that’s just how I roll – but short for me. Being 6’5”, I don’t get make short jokes about myself often, so I’m going to enjoy that fleeting moment while I can. OK, done.

On with the show...

Big Brother Is...Now Following You On Twitter

Tone-deaf is one thing; incompetent is another. There’s a fine line between the two and they are often confused. If there was any doubt about which camp President Obama belongs to, it has been removed this month.

Taken individually, everything the President is doing easily could fall into the first category. But taken collectively, there is no choice but to conclude the President is in over his head.

Two weeks ago, after nearly three years in office – and after telling us last year his administration “will not rest until every American who is able and ready and willing to work can find a job,” the president announced he is ready to tackle unemployment. He then went on an extended vacation to the exclusive island of Martha’s Vineyard.

We were assured by various spokesmen that, in between near daily rounds of golf, the president was drafting not only his planned speech before Congress, but the plan itself. When the President returned from vacation, he delivered his speech, which contained more than a dozen variations of the line “pass this bill right away.”

The only problem was, despite his having worked tirelessly throughout his vacation on this bill, or so we were told, there was no bill. It would not be finished until the following week and has yet to be actually introduced in Congress. If the actual urgency were anywhere near the way the president portrayed it, you’d think he’d have his plan ready to go, especially since unemployment has been obscenely high since he took office. Or maybe he thinks everyone “who is able and ready and willing to work” already has a job. It’s doubtful he runs into many unemployed people in the golf course...

Derek Hunter

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