Dan Kennedy

In a recent speech, President Obama declared, “at some point, I think you’ve got enough money.” And it’s what he thinks, not what you think, that matters. That goes double for what he thanks about your money.

There lies – bare as can be – the irrefutable evidence of the president’s true ideology (socialism or worse) and of just how serious a threat he is to this nation.

The only things yet to be determined are:

1. What is that point at which you’ve got enough money and should have the overage confiscated?
2. Are there different points for different people? (I’m betting there are.)

To my knowledge, no one in the media has demanded he state the number.

Michelle Malkin

The president and his wife made $5.5 million this past year, which the media claims came mostly from book royalties – which were made possible by free advertising for the books by his presidential campaign, which was funded by donors, including the evil CEO of Goldman Sachs, and now by the presidency itself. He donated his Nobel Prize award, plus about 6 percent of his earned income to charities. Not a staggering percentage by any means. A great many Americans tithe 10 percent.

Presumably, after those donations, and taxes, the Obamas kept about $3 million or so, and they’re living rent-free in Washington, and will in as short a time as four years, gain a lifetime pension. (Perhaps Michelle is proud of her country now?)

Good news, I guess: we might hope that earning $3 million will not be the point at which Obama decides you’ve got enough money. Unless the point at which you’ve got too much is different from the point at which he’s got too much. Again, I’ll bet it is.

But it would seem a good guess that somebody who is making an income – or has stacked up a fortune – five or ten times that much would be deemed by Obama as having enough. Thus, the following people should expect the president to single them out as greedy villains any day now:

* Warren Buffett, who recently had 40,000 of his stockholders gather in a vile display of wretched excess. A bunch of them probably have too much money.
* Bill Gates.
* Former presidents, including Clinton.
* Al Gore.
* Athletes like LeBron James and Tiger Woods.
* Entertainers like Sheryl “One Sheet” Crow or the host of this year’s press corps’ banquet, Jay Leno. Maybe even a few of the liberal media elites who were in that audience.

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is a serial entrepreneur and contributor to the Business & Media Institute.