Craig Shirley

Posted September 09, 2015

He came to Washington like an occupying army.

Posted July 22, 2015

The president was pushing hard for a nuclear deal with the sworn enemy of America despite the long standing bad behavior of the nations chief adversary.

Posted December 05, 2014

Only a few saw Reagans potential for greatness in the 1960s and 1970s and even after the election of 1980, many in the political classes thought he would be just another failed president following LBJ, Nixon and Jimmy Carter.

Posted May 16, 2013

Within those victimized (and now vindicated) Tea Party groups is rage but also a sense of satisfaction that they have been proven correct.

Posted March 05, 2013

John McCain’s presidential campaign manager from four years ago, Steve Schmidt, has compared the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to the “Star Wars bar scene.”

Posted February 26, 2012

Newt Gingrich is getting attacked again by the redundant liberals at the Washington Post. Yawn.

Posted August 09, 2011

As of the last count by the Associated Press several years ago, there had been over 900 books written about Ronald Reagan. In the last several years, more have been added and given the abiding interest in the Gipper, one can be assured that many more are in the offing.

Posted February 15, 2011

After reading the coverage in the Washington Post over the past two weeks of the legacy of Ronald Reagan, many Reaganites don't quite recognize the man who drew then into the movement as presented in the venerable paper.

Posted February 08, 2011

Being here in Simi Valley this weekend at the Reagan Library, looking at all the displays, all the history, all the memorabilia, all the testimonies and all the thousands of people who travel off the beaten path to journey to this, his last resting place, it suddenly dawned on me. There is no one Reagan legacy.

Posted September 30, 2008

As the Beach Boys once sang, today is the day for heroes and villains.

Posted September 25, 2008

Now is the time to confront the brutal truth of what is wrong with the Republican Party.

Posted September 02, 2008

Elitist contempt is now manifesting itself over John McCain choice of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

Posted August 06, 2008

Every four years, the sun dawns over the “silly season” of pre-convention blather in Washington, centered mostly, on the Vice-Presidential slot.

Posted May 21, 2008

Sir George Bernard Shaw once said, "If you can't hide the skeleton in your closet, then you'd better learn how to make him dance."

Posted April 02, 2008

September 18, 1793, in a Masonic ritual, George Washington laid the cornerstone to the U.S. Capitol along with a dedicatory silver plate.

Posted January 14, 2008

No one will ever know for sure, but given his principles and intellectual courage, one could imagine why Reagan might also have found fault with the “Marriage Amendment” to the Constitution supported by some Republicans.

Posted June 02, 2007

In his now infamous “Malaise” speech in 1979, Jimmy Carter demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of his country and his countrymen. It was the tipping point for his presidency. Last week, President Bush had his own malaise moment.

Posted May 03, 2007

Aspirants to the mantle of Ronald Reagan will gather tonight at his presidential library to debate who among them is his most worthy heir. One person who won't be participating in the debate in Simi Valley is the incumbent President.

Posted January 29, 2007

Conservatives gathering this weekend in Washington at a summit sponsored by National Review magazine will be pondering their movement's future, inside the GOP, separate from the party or even if it has a future.

Posted November 20, 2006

Scientists discovered recently that elephants can indeed see their reflection in a mirror but it was not reported whether or not they could also peer into their political souls.