Chuck Norris
I think the mainstream media and Washington elite think the majority of voters just fell off the turnip truck. But the South Carolina primary and other current voting trends show otherwise.

The MSM are working double time to get us to forget about the unprecedented results of the South Carolina primary, but they are a sign of what could be in Florida, Nevada and beyond. They are also proof that American citizens will not be outwitted by the political shenanigans of the powers that be. Let me give you a few examples.

Despite the fact that ABC paraded Newt Gingrich's bitter ex-wife across its airwaves two nights before the South Carolina primary, Newt won women's votes 36-30 percent over Mitt Romney. And married women and evangelical women both backed Gingrich with 40 percent support.

Despite (or maybe on account of) Mitt's creation of Romneycare in Massachusetts and promises for Social Security's perpetuity, Newt gained 47 percent of the vote (to Mitt's 36 percent) among those 65 or older.

Despite the MSM's attempt to convey Newt as old and outdated, he received 27 percent of votes from those between 18 and 29 years old, only being beaten by Ron Paul's 32 percent.

Despite the MSM and Washington elite's campaign to convey that Newt would be dangerous to the country and world, 39 percent of U.S. veterans voted for Newt, compared with 32 percent for Romney.

Despite Romney's spending millions on ads in South Carolina to convince voters that Newt is an ethically compromised Washington insider, Newt won 45 percent of the votes from very conservative voters, while Rick Santorum and Romney trailed with 23 and 20 percent, respectively.

Despite the MSM's pro-Romney coverage and six years of Romney's campaigning, Newt stole 31 percent of moderates' votes from the Massachusetts moderate.

Despite Romney's often-flaunted business credentials, 8 in 10 voters who said they were very worried about the direction of the economy also voted for Newt.

Despite the fact that 120 evangelical leaders met recently in Texas and claimed to have come to a consensus backing Santorum, the initial vote of those leaders split almost evenly between Santorum and Newt, 57-48, according to CBN News' chief political correspondent. I don't think it's coincidental that a similar amount, 45 percent, of evangelicals also voted for Newt in his landslide South Carolina victory. Forty-five percent of pro-lifers also voted for Newt, compared with just 21 percent for Romney.

Chuck Norris

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