Chuck Norris

Obama will not lose his bid for the presidency because of his connections to Ayers, ACORN or socialist politics. In fact, he won't lose it because of his stand on any issue. The coup de grace for Obama's presidential election downfall will come only through convincing the American public of his lack of decisive leadership under pressure. I'm not just talking about facing rogue nations or terrorist thugs. I'm referring to making major choices in conflict. Indecisiveness is his greatest weakness, and it's one this country cannot afford at this time in its history.

Interestingly, a while back, the Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics, at St. John's University and the College of St. Benedict, did a professional personality profile "for anticipating Obama's likely leadership style as chief executive, thereby providing a basis for inferring the character and tenor of a prospective Obama presidency." The study concluded:

"The combination of Ambitious, Accommodating, and Outgoing patterns in Obama's profile suggests a confident conciliator personality composite. Leaders with this personality prototype, though self-assured and ambitious, are characteristically gracious, considerate, and benevolent. They are energetic, charming, and agreeable, with a special knack for settling differences, favoring mediation and compromise over force or coercion as a strategy for resolving conflict. They are driven primarily by a need for achievement and also have strong affiliation needs, but a low need for power."

While most might laud Obama's personality as a needed polar opposite to George W. Bush's, I pose to you that Obama's "accommodating-conciliator-favoring-compromise" personality pendulum swing is way too far to the other side. Even Obama's voting record proves that. His own Democratic colleagues have a difficult time understanding why, when he was an Illinois state senator, he voted "present" (instead of "yes" or "no") 129 times, including a number of noncommittal tallies on issues such as gun rights and abortion.

You also have heard that Obama doesn't have any executive experience, whether it be running a government or a business. I would pose to you the reason is simply that he's not comfortable making executive decisions. An "executive conciliator" overly depends upon others, at times compromising judgment and needed action in order to appease the masses. Proof of that was seen in how Obama handled his and our "emergency" economic decisions.

Chuck Norris

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