Chuck Norris

People said that McCain couldn't make the cut. Many say McCain is still too stiff -- too sterile -- with not enough pizzazz. Some criticize McCain for being too institutionalized. Still others complain about McCain's conservative record. And now the liberal media is falsely implying McCain has engaged in some impropriety. Of course, I'm speaking about Janet Huckabee, whose maiden name is McCain. (Were you expecting someone else?)

With Michelle Obama's patriotism in question, Cindy McCain's loyalty to her man being paraded, and Bill Clinton's anger heating up the headlines, it would not be a complete media lynching without trying to hang the only exculpated presidential candidate's spouse -- namely Janet.

This is probably the first presidential race in history in which the contenders' spouses all have been subjected to intense scrutiny, too. Still true, however, is the maxim: Behind every great man is a great woman. And epitomizing that accolade is Janet Huckabee, who deserves highlighted attention in this final installment of my endorsement series, especially because her character is also now under attack. The more I've gotten to know about her the more impressed I've become.

Janet was born in Louisiana, the fourth of five children, and was raised by a single mom. She had a poor -- not privileged -- upbringing in Hope, Ark. And she and Mike were only 18 years old when they married. Only a year or so into their marriage, she was diagnosed with spinal cancer. Doctors anticipated having to sever her spinal cord, which would have left her a paraplegic. Miraculously, with help from God, the medical world and Mike, she learned to walk all over again. Janet and Mike would go on to have three children (John Mark, David and Sarah).

Janet always has loved the outdoors and taking physical risks. She has sky-dived with the Golden Knights, landed in an F-18 on an aircraft carrier, bungee jumped, hunted rattlesnakes and bears, completed two marathons, and fired a grenade launcher -- hitting the target two out of three times. She even earned a place in the Arkansas Outdoor Hall of Fame by riding a jet ski down the entire Arkansas River. Her love for adventure is one reason Janet was nicknamed the "first tomboy" of Arkansas.

Chuck Norris

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