Bruce Bialosky

Indulging once again would appear to some a questionable act, especially after he had spent all that time running around and attempting to get a particular guy reelected who I wanted gone from politics in the best way. But I dove in once more -- something I have been doing since he performed at a club on Sunset Blvd. in 1975. I can state without equivocation that if you have not seen Bruce Springsteen you are missing the premier performing act of any era.

I can speak with some authority as I have seen just about every act of consequence during my lifetime. You name it -- from the Liverpool guys to the woman with the best voice ever -Ella Fitzgerald. I missed the King (Elvis), but I saw the Chairman of the Board (Frank) numerous times. I’ve been dragged to Opera houses around the world. I’ve even Deadheaded about twenty times partaking of the unique joy of seeing Jerry Garcia and the gang live. My favorite band is the Who, but as great as they may be (and have been) in concert, no one -- but no one -- can touch the sheer joy of seeing Bruce live.

At 63 years old, Bruce (that is what everyone refers to him as when not calling him The Boss) is at a point in his career that was matched only by Frank Sinatra when he was at his peak during the 1960’s. If you are a fan of Frank’s, you know there was a Rat Pack concert recorded in 1966, one of the first video broadcasts of a live show. It is special because the host of the show was flown in to replace Rat Pack member, Joey Bishop, who had a back problem. That host was a young Johnny Carson. Dean and Sammy are terrific, but it captures Frank at his peak. He is in full command as he is backed by the Count Basie orchestra led by Quincy Jones. He knows he is the King of the World and he gives you a performance that matches that inner confidence. Bruce is now at that point as he traverses the stage knowing that what he delivers night after night cannot be matched by mere mortals.

This show was particularly special for many reasons. I went with a friend who is not really a Bruce fan. My friend enjoys Bruce, but does not think of him as a God of music particularly while in live performance) like we true fans. I had taken him to a show about ten years ago that turned out to be the only time I have seen Bruce where it was a stinky show. This time Bruce came through to full redemption with one of the best performances of the many I have seen.

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee to The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at