Bruce Bialosky

Meandering through the articles in the New York Times can occasionally be instructive as opposed to the normal of being infuriating. The thing is that they are oblivious to how they have educated you. In this case, it was their article about bipartisan support for a bill to allow the Postal Service to expand to other services for the purpose of bringing in new revenues. This idea is clearly the worst idea ever.

The proposed legislation doesn’t identify what those new services would be. Apparently the postal workers union has hired a Wall Street investment firm to advise them on what might be good avenues to pursue. Talk about sheep getting fleeced – and it’s the American taxpayer who would end up footing the bill.

Let’s explore just one proposal. The article mentions that the Postal Service would like to be able to ship beer and wine. The present alcohol-related restrictions are an anachronism that has motivated UPS and FedEx to step in and handle the business, servicing (among others) many small wineries in California and other states (and also microbreweries) that now work exclusively from mailing lists. But here’s the problem: If the USPS steps in to compete with the established delivery companies, they will have to do it on price – which they might well be able to do because if they lose money, there are no consequences. They can just run to Congress and get some more. UPS and FedEx can’t do the same.

After reading about this preposterous proposal, my eyes were enticed to read an article written by my friends at the New York Times about the disastrous situation in Venezuela. The economic conditions under Hugo Chavez should make people like Sean Penn – who proudly hobnobbed with this murderous thug – want to spend the rest of his life in purgatory. And this was a report from the New York Times. Can you imagine how bad the situation really is?

People have to line up just for the possibility of purchasing a chicken or a roll of toilet paper. In what was once a prosperous country, there are virtually no basic goods on the shelves. The oil wealth is going somewhere (but obviously not to the general population); and, as usual, the people getting the short end of the stick are the ones who put this guy in office – the poor. They were told that he would deliver manna from heaven, but all he’s given them is lies and starvation. One man, when asked where to find some milk, told the reporter to go to Chavez’s mansion. Of course, Chavez was out giving a three-hour speech somewhere, haranguing the “profiteers”.

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee to The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at