Brian Birdnow

Last week the Associated Press reported, in breathless tones, the fact that the Pentagon has officially recognized June as Gay Pride month, and will host a “celebration” on June 26th, saluting gay service personnel, just as they sponsor events honoring specific racial or ethnic groups. The AP, naturally, considers this a “…remarkable sign of change”, which is to say a significant advance in military thinking, and the tone of the article is accordingly triumphant. The AP writer, Pauline Jelinek, notes that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta “…feels it is important, to find a way to recognize the service and professionalism of gay and lesbian troops”, and she mentions that the Pentagon has “A long tradition of recognizing diversity in the armed forces”, and she hastens to add that, contrary to the fears of some, “military leaders have concluded that repeal (of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”) has not affected military morale and readiness.”

Miss Jelinek doesn’t declare it, but we are witnessing the destruction of another institution, the crumbling of another cultural pillar, and the overturning of another orthodoxy. The Pentagon’s rush to embrace the gay agenda is a perfect illustration of a pseudo-Hegelian process by which heterodoxy becomes orthodoxy, this time actively assisted and hastened by the Obama Administration and the Pentagon’s social engineers.

An unbiased observer can clearly see that the consequences of the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy are perfectly matching the intent of those who worked to overturn the policy. The issue never really involved the patriotism and devotion to duty of gay service members. (A gay service member was, by definition, a fraudulent enlistment/commission, due to dishonesty about sexual orientation during the recruitment process.) It involved, rather, a concerted effort to neuter one of the few remaining institutions in American life that took an unapologetic stand in favor of traditional gender roles, in most instances. The armed forces affirmed that open homosexual behavior was prejudicial to discipline, morale and esprit de corps. The gay lobby declared war against the services and, after twenty years, they have won, due to the craven response of the leadership, in the face of massive pro-gay propaganda, and a pandering commander-in-chief.

Now that the ban on openly gay service members has been formally retired we are seeing a complete about face. The military is now becoming openly pro-gay, and correspondingly hostile to traditional values, devil take the hindmost. The admission that the uniformed services will now publicly celebrate June as Gay Pride month is merely the froth on the kettle of the new and unimproved military.

Brian Birdnow

Brian E. Birdnow is a historian and teaches at a university in the St. Louis area.