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June is Gay Pride Month, which immediately begs two questions: 1. Says who? 2. How is it that we have become a nation of such compliant sheep that we accept this rubbish?

The Viacom corporation, on the other hand, thinks it's the perfect opportunity for its MTV and gay Logo channels to announce they're creating a second "It Gets Better," anti-bullying special starring their favorite gay bully, Dan Savage. On the cusp of this news, Savage denounced the gay group GOProud for endorsing Mitt Romney for president: "The GOP's house faggots grab their ankles on this one."

This F-bomb has destroyed careers in Hollywood -- see Isaiah Washington, the former star of "Grey's Anatomy." But Savage just signed with Creative Artists Agency to line up his business offers. One wonders if the reporters who cover television will ever dare to ask the Viacom brass how they square Savage's routine bullying bursts -- whether into a microphone or into a keyboard -- with the transparently false anti-bullying persona they're promoting to make themselves look community-minded.

Hypocrisy doesn't get more blatant than this. It's coming not just from Viacom, but also from all those diversity-loving, tolerance-dreaming press critics who ultimately really don't mean a word of it.

Savage is "more mainstream than ever before," oozed a recent profile in the Chicago Tribune. In their article, we discover it is now "more mainstream" for Savage to proclaim that the nation's most devout religious leaders are cheerleaders for teen suicides. "Every dead gay kid is a moral, rhetorical victory for them. They stand on a pile of dead gay kids."

The Tribune didn't find this inaccurate or offensive. Referring to Savage's fear that "It Gets Better" makes him look like a "milquetoast," the Tribune declared, "If Dan Savage is milquetoast, then he is a particularly piquant version."

At a student journalism conference in early May, Savage caused a student walkout as he trashed the Bible as a "radical pro-slavery document." If it was wrong on slavery, "on the easiest moral question that humanity has ever faced...What are the odds that the Bible got something as complicated as human sexuality wrong? 100 percent," Savage said. He mocked the students who walked out in protest "It's funny, as someone who is the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible, how pansy-assed some people react when you push back," Savage said.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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