Brent Bozell
Just like the last Republican takeover of the House in 1995, it was easy to predict the media elite were going to dig deep into the mud and throw every smear they had at the new conservative powers in town.

Congress finally passed, and the president signed, a deeply deficient kick-the-can compromise into law in order to raise the debt ceiling. Tea Party conservatives correctly denounced the deal as woefully inadequate.

When Standard and Poor's downgraded the creditworthiness of the United States government, Sen. John Kerry shamelessly labeled it a "Tea Party downgrade," and no one in the press questioned him. This is beyond ludicrous. It's a deliberate lie on Kerry's part. How can you blame 87 new Republican House members who weren't in Washington when President Barack Obama was tripling the deficit with trillions in new spending, which Kerry happily endorsed?

The Tea Party's raison d'etre is the spending excesses of Washington. Blaming the Tea Party for the downgrade is like blaming the Betty Ford Clinic for alcoholism. Moreover, the only legislation that would have met the spending-restraint criteria necessary to avert a downgrade was the Cut Cap Balance proposal. It included $5.8 trillion in cuts, easily more than what S and P required. But President Obama vowed not to sign it, and the Senate Democrats -- here we go again with the Kerry hypocrisy -- refused to consider it.

In fact, the Senate Democrats under Harry Reid have been so dysfunctional that they haven't voted for a budget in years. The liberal media continue largely to ignore this reality, too.

When Bush was president, everything that went sour in America was his fault, and the press never tired of repeating that line. This president and his left-wing allies in Congress have earned their position in the hot seat today, but now that the Tea Party has created a Republican power base in the nation's capital, everything seems to be their fault.

On Saturday's "Today" on NBC, correspondent John Harwood declared that the downgrade provided Obama with "a tangible consequence to point to for Republican brinksmanship on the debt and deficit reduction deal."

Wait a minute: So Democrats never drew a line in the sand? Liberals had no demands about what was untouchable? This is willful blindness in action.

On Sunday's "Meet the Press," host David Gregory not only allowed Sen. John Kerry to lie about a "Tea Party downgrade," he underlined it. "There were Republicans and Democrats who said Tea Party members, a lot of them freshmen conservatives, were digging in and, actually, some used the word 'hostage,' holding the whole process hostage because they would not raise any taxes at all."

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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