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Arizona officially joined the South this month. In other words, it became for our Northeastern media elitists a state dominated by backward, slack-jawed racists. The Associated Press marked the passage of a tough new anti-immigration law with the leftist version of a Welcome Wagon: "The furor over Arizona's new law cracking down on illegal immigrants grew Monday as opponents used refried beans to smear swastikas on the state Capitol."

Disagreeing with the left -- and more importantly, handing them a political defeat -- brings a lot of ugliness these days from the forces of "tolerance." Character assassination is required. A citizen of Arizona cannot be concerned about higher rates of crime and strained government budgets without being Mexican-food-smeared as an adorer of Adolf Hitler. But what's truly outrageous if not surprising is that the same media that visibly quivered with anger that anyone would draw a Hitler moustache on their hero Barack Obama now present these Nazi smears as not an embarrassment to the left, but as a way of augmenting the left. The "furor was growing" over the tough new law, they dutifully report.

On the "CBS Evening News," Katie Couric calmly forwarded as credible the Nazi charge against those who support enforcing federal immigration laws. On April 23, CBS reporter Bill Whitaker suddenly liked the Catholics: "In Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger Mahony, head of the country's largest Catholic archdiocese, called the law mean-spirited and compared it to Nazi oppression." On April 26, CBS spotlighted a swastika sign with the words "Achtung! Papers Please," and Couric relayed the AP line that "some of those opponents vandalized the state capitol building, smearing refried beans in the shape of swastikas on the windows." Ho hum.

Michelle Malkin

Don't these "journalists" see the contradiction? Are they really that blind, or that dumb?

A month ago, when the tea party movement brought their ardor to Capitol Hill against a government takeover of the health industry, "ugly" was the defining word. Here's David Muir on ABC's March 20 "World News": "Protesters against the plan gathered on the streets of the Capitol, where late today, we learned words shouted turned very ugly -- reports of racial and homophobic slurs, one protester actually spitting on a congressman." There were no arrests, and no actual proof of the "slurs" alleged. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver backed off the claim he was spit on. The N-word was never used, as so dishonestly claimed.

And still, the tea party is "very ugly."

Brent Bozell

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