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Radical-left protesters outside the G-20 summit meeting in Pittsburgh last week underlined once again that our friends in the news media see no real enemy or extremist to their left. But conservative protests against Team Obama are an ugly sign of incivility, and according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, even impending violence.

HBO talk show host Bill Maher exemplified the liberal-media attitude on his Twitter page on Sept. 24: "Even with a face full of tear gas, these G-20 protesters (are) better looking than the teabaggers."

But there's a big difference between the sea of tens of thousands of conservative protesters in Washington on Sept. 12 and the 3,000 anti-capitalist radicals in Pittsburgh. The tone from the podium in Washington was happy and patriotic, which meant nothing to The Washington Post, which covered it as an outpouring of a "spectrum of conservative anger."

Arguing with Idiots By Glenn Beck

But in Pittsburgh, protesters on Sept. 24 assembled with no permit to march, and destroyed property on their route. On radical Pacifica Radio, they championed a guy calling himself Rev. Billy of the Church of Life After Shopping. He sounded like Nancy Pelosi's nightmare: " Some of us will go to jail today! We will take care of you! We will be there when you get out!" And then this: "Some of us may lose our lives today! We will respect you! You will be our heroes!"

No one heard this rant on national TV.

As usual, network reporters couldn't even place these fringe activists as "liberal," let alone far-left. On "The Early Show" on CBS, viewers could see wacky signs that read "No Bailouts, No Capitalism" and "No Borders, No Banks." But amazingly, reporter Susan Koeppen portrayed them as nonpartisan police ... victims. "Protesters have been hit with a massive police presence," she announced. "During the day, police set off pepper spray, forcing marchers and the media to flee." Koeppen mentioned in passing that the protesters had no permit, but she let the leftists run down the cops. "There is no freedom of speech in this country; there is no right to assemble!" claimed one. "These are all rights that have been violated today!"

Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, her old Democratic primary opponent Cindy Sheehan was outraged at the Pittsburgh police presence as well. She blogged: "Pittsburgh is what a police state looks like! ... We're like ants trying to struggle against anteaters. ... The cops and soldiers should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their selves to be used as tools of the Robber Class 'elites.'"

Brent Bozell

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