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Following his usual mantra that "to watch me is to love me," Barack Obama appeared on five Sunday interview shows and since that wasn't enough, then the David Letterman show on Monday night. He remains convinced that the more he plays dust speck in the national eye, the further he'll get in passing his leftist agenda. He's also confident our media won't hold him accountable. They just hold him.

"I can't tell you how satisfying it is to watch you work!" a beaming Letterman gushed to Obama. Even during that show, Letterman was still whacking away at George W. Bush as an idiot, unctuously currying favor with the new president. Letterman doesn't pretend to be an objective journalist, of course. But can you recall him ever voicing his satisfaction with conservatives?

Arguing with Idiots By Glenn Beck

Perhaps the most amazing thing Obama did -- over and over -- on Sunday was to scold the media for making the national dialogue coarser by allowing his critics to have a voice on the networks. "Let's face it, the easiest way to get on television right now is to be really rude," he said.

Obama should be embarrassed. This is amateurish and silly (if I say so rudely). It's also a broken record. When Reagan, Bush I and Bush II were in office, nasty demonstrators -- even rioters -- were celebrated by the left. But when Democrats take control (Clinton, Obama), any criticism becomes angry, hateful, and now racist.

Obama's most ridiculous answer came as only one network host -- ABC's George Stephanopoulos -- inquired (softly) about the ACORN scandal. "Frankly, it's not something I've followed closely," Obama claimed, adding he had not been aware that ACORN received much federal money.

This is ludicrous, a little like George Bush claiming he didn't follow the Texas Rangers, or Dick Cheney declaring he didn't know Halliburton received much federal money. John Fund laid out the whole history for the Wall Street Journal. In Illinois, Obama served as ACORN's attorney and a top trainer at ACORN's Chicago organizing conferences. In 1996, Obama filled out a questionnaire and put ACORN at the top of the list of his key supporters for his state Senate campaign.

Brent Bozell

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