Bill Tatro

Much has been said the last few days about the president’s State-of-the-Union-and-socialism-is-alive-and-well-on-Capitol-Hill address of this past Tuesday evening. Nevertheless, since I would regularly endure extremely painful kinks in my neck from the president’s left-right-left-right teleprompter induced head movements, I actually gave up watching Obama give speeches on television several years ago. Moreover, during the past twelve months, even reading the transcripts of the president’s speeches has proven to be a tremendously painstaking process. Therefore, to give myself some leeway, I thought I’d start to read last year’s State of the Union address, knowing full well what’s happened to our country over the course of the last twelve months.

Thus, from the 2013 address, I read how under Obama’s watch there have been over 6 million new jobs created. Yet, the president didn’t mention the corresponding increase in food stamp usage, which raised my eyebrow. He proclaimed proudly and of course to standing applause (it said) how we “buy more cars than we have in five years.” Consequently, my other eyebrow went up since we produce cars, proceed to channel stuff, leave the automobiles on the lot, and then count the cars as being sold. Just imagine the subprime mortgage debacle moving to the new car lot as NINJA (no income, no job, and no assets) is certainly alive and well in the auto world.

I also learned that “after a decade of grinding war, our brave men and women in uniform are starting to come home.” Of course in the Middle East our military presence will still be felt since people are simply being replaced with drones. Carry on the killing, Mr. President.

Bill Tatro

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