Austin Hill

There might be members of the Al Qaeda terrorist network are here in the United States. But it’s difficult to know for sure.

On Monday October 12, U.S. Secretary Of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano disclosed to the Bloomberg TV network that “it is fair to say there are individuals in the United States who ascribe to al-Qaeda-type beliefs…”

That’s interesting. But what does it mean?

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Are “members of the Al Qaeda terrorist group” here? Or are they people who merely “ascribe to Al Qaeda-type beliefs,” but they aren’t actually members of the Al Qaeda? And if the people that Secretary Napolitano was referring to are not members of Al Queda, and yet they think and believe like Al Qaeda, does this mean that there is a new, separate terrorist group being spawned?

According to Bloomberg, the bulk of Secretary Napolitano’s remarks were about “increased cooperation” between federal policing agencies, and local law enforcement. She also indicated that because of the Obama Administration’s placement of more agents along the U.S. – Mexico border, our nation’s enforcement of immigration laws has improved. “One of the things that has changed is that there has been a lot of enforcement at the Southwest border,” she claimed. “It’s just not the same border.”

Yet in the same interview, Secretary Napolitano off-handedly remarked that people “who ascribe to Al Qaeda-type beliefs” are here. Not a word about how “they” got here – did they enter through Canada or Mexico, did they arrive on a commercial aircraft, did they sneak in on a cargo ship? People “who ascribe to Al Qaeda-type beliefs” are just here.

What, really, is Secretary Napolitano intending to say? And how are we to understand her?

Austin Hill

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