Austin Hill

"Senator Kennedy's endorsement of Hillary Clinton's opponent in the Democratic presidential primary campaign has really hit women hard..."

Oh, really?

That was a direct quote taken from an official statement issued by the New York state chapter of the National Organization for Women, after Ted Kennedy’s grand endorsement of the Barack Obama presidential candidacy last week. The news of this Kennedy rebuke was widely reported, but, because of some confusing headlines, some were left with the impression that N.O.W.’s national leadership issued the reprimand.

This prompted N.O.W. President Kim Gandy to issue her own statement, assuring the world that N.O.W. has “enormous respect and admiration” for Kennedy, and respects his right to endorse Obama if he so chooses.

So N.O.W. and Ted Kennedy are still “like this,” despite the fact that he endorsed the liberal guy running for President, instead of the liberal woman. I’m sure we all feel better now.

But what does it mean, to say that Kennedy’s choice has “really hit women hard?” Is a choice to not support Mrs. Clinton’s political ambitions - - whatever those ambitions may be at any given time - - necessarily a choice that hurts all women?

Whoever it was at N.O.W.’s Albany office that wrote the rambling, emotive attack of Kennedy, actually went so far as to suggest that the Obama endorsement is symptomatic of a broader, ongoing disrespect for women’s rights.

So Hillary has a “right” to be President? Huh???

This nonsense from a N.O.W. state chapter may be fairly isolated, but the fact that it happened is symptomatic in itself. It indicates that some people have, to put it in psycho-therapeutic terms, an “unhealthy attachment” with a public figure that is highly adept at projecting her “false self.”

For most of my lifetime, the stated ideals of America’s feminists have had to do with women being their true, authentic selves; ascending to positions of leadership and influence; all without obstruction from, or reliance upon, men (husbands in particular). Some may imagine Hillary Rodham Clinton to be a living symbol of these ideals, and it may be that she thinks of herself in this way.

But is this really true, given the way she’s conducted her professional life? It’s difficult to answer "yes" to this question, knowing her history of enabling Bill’s abusive and deceitful behavior, and her willingness to allow other women in the White House to “take the fall” at times when former President Bill misbehaved and needed a scapegoat.

Austin Hill

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