Armstrong Williams

An entire country is in shock as we continue to watch the funerals of these innocent children and adults in Connecticut. It's not merely shock, but horror and revulsion, at the second-bloodiest school shooting in our history. It is sickening even to rank them in this way, to admit that there have been so many as to require it, but it is true: yet another child has killed yet more children in cold blood.

We don't have to worry about foreign terrorists coming to our country: we are better at hurting ourselves than they are at hurting us, and we always will be. Such innocuous places as theaters, shopping malls, and elementary schools are the scenes of massacres, of slaughter without any regard for human life.Again and again, parents, teachers, friends and loved ones see the warning signs and yet don't act until there is a murder, often followed by a suicide. The media, Hollywood, hip hop, and the entertainment culture must share blame: it’s not enough to simply blame the existence of guns.

We hear a lot about black on black crime, lack of a family structure in the African-American community, and yet the largest and most cold-blooded of these massacres happen in the suburbs. Why don't the media and the so-called experts discuss how these young white males consume the music, violence,liberal-run Hollywood product and perpetrate these unconscionable acts?

These crimes were non-existent 50 years ago. What has changed in America that the media and there so called experts refuse to bring in the media spotlight?

As if by reflex, leftists have fired up their word processors to try to use the blood of dead children to take our most basic and essential freedoms away. This, too, is disgusting, and it is a testimony to their detachment from reality: rather than accept that there is a great deal of evil in this world, and that we must be prepared for it, they think that, with a gun ban (enforced by gun-wielding police), the problem will go away.

It won’t. Is there more of a gun problem in formerly gun-ban Chicago or formerly gun-ban Washington, or in the gun-appreciating rural areas of our country?

The existence of guns is definitively not the cause of this or any shooting. No gun forces you to pull its trigger. The essential problem is the basic corruption of all humanity, the fallenness of our species, the tendency toward evil. We must accept this, and reject the modern, Rousseauvian naivety about mankind. We are corrupt by nature, and we must change.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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