Armstrong Williams

The media is gearing up to full throttle to tease and manipulate the public again with the early favorites leading up to the 2012 presidential elections.

At the inception of the 2008 election season Illinois Senator Obama wasn't a blip or after thought in the minds of the American people as someone who had a snow ball's chance in purgatory of capturing the coveted prize of the White house. How shocked we all were when the final dust settled that indeed a new breed and untested brand of leadership would covet the most sought after prize in American politics. For that reason this election season is proving very, very interesting to watch.

We are already being told, as in early 2007, who to keep an eye out for during this next presidential election cycle: President Obama is starting his campaign well before anyone else; Hillary stating that she doesn't want to work under Obama anymore; Trump and his hair making presence known as a possible presidential candidate- a vehement birther, and a television star in desperate need of viewers, who still somehow, good or bad, resonates with the people.

Trump has garnered so much attention it makes me wonder whether Charlie Sheen will run as the “tiger blooded” presidential nominee for the Warlock Party. Who knows? Seriously people, it is way too early for any of this to be making headlines. There is so much wrong with the country that we should be more concerned with fixing the issues we have now instead of consuming ourselves with whoever will become the next Scape Goat of State.

Mark my words, the sudden exit of Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour from the Republican Presidential Nomination race will be followed by many more. The prospects will either bow out before they ever catch any fire (Rick Santorum), or they may never enter the race at all because of the writing on the wall (Michele Bachmann).

Put simply, these candidates lack the fire to stir mens souls. They can’t mobilize the voter base across the wide swath they know they’ll need to win the White House. It’s more than just the entire Republican “base”, more than even some disgruntled-out of work independent voters, and it’s certainly more than the Tea Party faction.

The winning Republican candidate will need all of these blocs, and then some. They will need to galvanize voters across party lines making sure the issues meaningful to the American people are accounted for. But can it be done? Of course! But I don’t believe that candidate has emerged.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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