Ann-Marie Murrell

“He was the political figure all politicians fear:the moralist who cannot bear to let any wrong deed go undenounced.As a politician he had the fatal defect of the totally honest man:He insisted on the truth even when the truth was most inconvenient.”Introduction to George Orwell’s Animal Farm by Russell Baker

In 2010 billionaire Meg Whitman ran for governor of California. Whitman had everything going for her; she was a former successful businesswoman, and despite being a little “squishy” on immigration and other issues she had the backing of the establishment GOP.Naturally I wanted to do my civic duties and help in every way possible.

While walking precincts and having doors slammed in my face multiple times (usually preceded by a few choice cuss words), I learned firsthand something that is even more prevalent today: Voters are fed up with having to hold their nose and vote for candidates they don’t believe in.

After the tenth or so door slamming I decided to only go to households that had voted “Republican” in the last 4 elections.I even moved to my own neighborhood, thinking people would be a little friendlier.I was wrong.Not only did the cussing and slamming continue but I also became the pariah of my block...

Despite her multi-millions of dollars and the backing of every establishment GOP-type in America, Meg Whitman lost the election to someone who most people ridiculed prior to the elections:former governor (and former hippie) Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.The election was Whitman’s to lose—and lose it she did.

The consequences of that loss have been staggering. Brown has enacted things like the Dream Act (shoving legal college eligible students aside so that illegals can take their place) and the Bathroom Bill (aka the “Horny Teenage Boy” Bill, allowing anyone to go into the opposite sex bathrooms without any reason other than they want to). He has also spent multi-billions (with a b) on a high-speed rail system, and somewhat incredibly, overlooking the fact that airplanes can get you anywhere much faster and much cheaper…

So here we are, four years later, facing a GOP primary in which Californians will decide which Republican will run against Jerry Brown.

Ann-Marie Murrell

In addition to being on, Ann-Marie is been an exclusive columnist for for 2 years and has written for dozens of political websites including, and Michael Reagan's Ann-Marie is one of the go-to Conservative reporters in Los Angeles and has covered many GOP events in California, Texas and Washington, DC. She has had exclusive interviews with many of our leading Conservatives including the late Andrew Breitbart, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, Bill Whittle and more. Ann-Marie lives in ultra-liberal Los Angeles with her husband Mark and has a 26-year old son, Jason.