'Keep Families Together Protest' Hit D.C., Other Cities on Saturday

WASHINGTON D.C.- On June 30th thousands of demonstrators across America gathered in opposition of President Trump’s family separation immigration policy. In the nation’s capital, anti-ICE protesters gathered near the White House at the historic LaFayette Park, but attracted a wide variety of other political activists as well.

Protestors were requested to wear white according to the Facebook event page, titled “Families Belong Together March in Washington, DC.”

“White is a symbol of people coming together in unity and peace, and a way to connect events across the country on Saturday,” the description read.

“Every day, this administration is cruelly separating children from their families. They have proven that whether it's at the border or in detention, we can't trust them to care for children," it adds. 

Among the 12 “hosts” of this event were the “Women’s March” and “Pantsuit Nation” organizers.  Some of their specific demands towards the president were:

 “1. Reunite families now. Permanently end family separation and immediately reunify those that have been separated.
 2. End family detention. Children and families deserve due process, not indefinite imprisonment.
 3. End ‘Zero Humanity.’ Reverse the Trump administration’s policy that created this crisis and chaos to begin with.

Families are being separated and detained. On Saturday we say: Not in our name.”

 “It is important that we stand and together and speak out…The larger issue is that the country takes notice of this injustice…’ one protestor from the D.C. area, told Townhall when asked why he was there.

“You’re not on the right side,” he responded when as what he would say to President Trump if given the opportunity. 

“As a parent I can’t image what people go through…they come here to protect their children," said one young mother who attended the event with her young son.

“Step down. Respect the government and the process. Respect the separation of powers and the branches of government,” she responded when asked what she would say to President Trump.

Also seen at the protest were several groups of pro-life protestors. “We are here to support the unborn. We think that it is displaced, people being here to protest the children being separated from their parents, when there are unborn babies being aborted every,” said one group of protestors when asked why they were at the protest.

“We are here every Saturday, we are not just here for this protest,” said another group of pro-life protestors. 

“We get a lot of hostility everywhere we go. I have not experienced any physical violence,” she  said.  She went onto explain that they get a lot of vandalistic like confrontation, but she personally has not experienced physical violence in confrontation.

“ICE is out of control…Normal people don’t carry around documents to prove citizenship. 

However not all the protestors were there to protest the family-separation policy. 

“I’m more of a single-issue guy. It’s the moron in the White House that is the problem,” said one protestor.

Another protestor wore a sign with a single word. “Impeach.” “We are doing terrible things,” he remarked when asked the reason his attendance at LaFayette Park. 

If he could speak to the commander-in-chief directly, he would tell him, “Resign. Have some Class."

For the mainstream media, his message was a simple, “Keep at it."

“Keep after them. Don’t be balanced. Evil is bad and good is good. You know the difference,” another echoed in reference to the media's criticism of President Trump. 

Some celebrity guests addressed the crowd as well. “We need to save the Supreme Court. We need to vote, because voting equals winning. We are re not backing down,” said Alicia Keys, one of the key speakers at the protest.

Overall, the disparate group of protesters were united in their opposition to President Trump's child separation policy. Chief among their solution to President Trump's policies was an across the board desire to see families reunited and to see President Trump out of office, whether voluntarily or by impeachment.

All photos taken by Townhall

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