Pro-Government Thugs Beat Up Dozens of Hong Kong Protesters

Posted: Jul 22, 2019 5:10 PM
Pro-Government Thugs Beat Up Dozens of Hong Kong Protesters

Source: AP Photo/Vincent Yu

Hundreds of thugs with suspected ties to the Chinese Triad attacked dozens of commuters and protesters at a Hong Kong subway station on Sunday evening, further raising the tension in the city-state which now enters its seventh week of protest.

Hong Kong protesters continue to call for the complete repeal of a controversial extradition bill that critics said would weaken Hong Kong's independence and subject it to the arbitrary and politicized mainland judiciary system, among other demands. Hong Kong's chief executive Carrie Lam has suspended the bill but refused to completely kill the legislation. 

After a weekend of protests, dissidents were returning home when an army of mobs — all wearing white — spilled into the Yuen Long subway station and assaulted protesters en masse. 

The protesters rampaged throughout the train station and injured 45, according to The New York Times. One video, below, claims to show the thugs attacking a pregnant woman.

Police did not show up to the train station until roughly 45 minutes passed. By then, most thugs had disappeared. People even marched to the local police station to register a complaint, but the station reportedly closed their door on them.

At a press conference on Monday, the Hong Kong authorities denied having any ties with the hooligans and promised an investigation. They also explained that the response to the mass-attack was delayed because the police — which is already wracked by numerous allegations of abuse and excessive use of force — were overwhelmed dealing with several different matters in the area. 

Since then, Hong Kong authorities have arrested six thugs who participated in the riot, some of whom were Triad members, SCMP reported.

While the authorities said they had nothing to do with the hooligans, one Pro-Beijing lawmaker in Hong Kong's legislature was caught on camera fraternalizing with the thugs, shaking their hands.

Triad, the name for the many criminal organizations based in the Hong Kong underworld, has long-established ties to the Chinese government. China has often sent thugs with Triad connections to intimidate dissidents and protesters.