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Samantha Bee Calls for Marianne Williamson to Come on Her Show...And Drop Out

Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File

On Monday, Host of Full Frontal on TBS, Samantha Bee, called for Marianne Williamson to come on her show and declare she is dropping out of the 2020 Democratic primary. 


In a post on Twiter, Bee wrote that “sometimes there can be too much of a good thing,” referring to Williamson. 

Bee included a video mocking the presidential hopeful in her tweet, saying “We have tea, throat lozenges, agave and whatever else you use to make your voice sound so angelic.” For added incentive, Bee sarcastically pleaded, "I'll even let you read my aura!" 

Williamson came to prominence in the 80s as a spiritual guru and novelist. She made headlines during the first Democratic primary debate in June with her unconventional political strategies and demeanor, making her the most searched for candidate in night two of the debates.

She responded to Bee's query with a social media post herself politely declining the comedian's request, saying she will appear on Stephen Colbert's show instead. 


"In the green rom waiting for hair and make up, doing the Stephen Colbert show tonight," the candidate wrote on Instagram. "Samantha Bee put out a video today saying that I should come on her show and drop out. Ha ha. Thought I should do Stephen's show instead, and stay in....and win....:)" 

This isn't the first time Bee has resorted to gross insults and personal attacks to try to stay relevant. She ran into controversy last year after insulting Ivanka Trump using an obscene phrase. 

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